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Nov 2, 2012 9:00pm PDT
of the policy research institute. he is going to be joining us in the studio for election night coverage next tuesday, your voice, your vote. hope you can be with us for all the returns and analysis. >> surprisingly most inmates on california's death row are against proposition 34. why? that is because if it passes it would change inmate's access to lawyers. the state would still pay for lawyers for appeals but those lawyers would not be require to file habeas corpus petitions as they do now. opponents say if inmates want to get convictions overturned they have a better chance if they are sentenced to death rather than life because they have more legal assistance available to them. >> a lot more to get to. a political firestorm in san bruno. the governor defends the state public utility commission but some homeowners beg to differ. how do you evacuate a giant sea otter? >> we've got only a warmup coming our way. we may see record high temperatures next week. i'll show you how warm it will be in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> dan: also tonight, the teenager that will make you dizzy as
Nov 29, 2012 9:00pm PST
. earlier this year the u.s. government for bid the company from importing 30 drugs from some of the facilities in indi india. because of bad record keeping. they won't say where these pills are made. the fda says it can't comment and whether they violated the rules. >> the company has real difficulty with quality control not in 1 or couple facility but in many facilities. >>reporter: even though this is the largest maker of generic liptor there are enough other manufacturer to make up for any shortages. this is abc news, washington. >> let's go back and talk about the storm coming in. sandy is in for spencer tonight. this is a doozy. >> it is going to be indeed da dan. it's already starting to intensify. rainfall in santa rosa check out the winds over the higher terrain gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. even 60 miles per hour wind gust writ now at the lower elevation we now at the lower elevation we are let's check out live doppler 7 let's check out live doppler 7 hd. becoming active. we havew 32 miles an hour out of the south east. heavy rain and strong winds for
Oct 31, 2012 9:00pm PDT
and pushing them away and i was just shouting this is not us, we don't do this. and sucker punch, kicking, blood, blood, blood and then that is all i he remember. my friends came to help me and dragged me out of there. >> his nose was broken. he had gashes on his face and two chipped teeth. word of the young man's bravery got to supervisor scott weiner and he invited him to hit with him in the vip section of the civic center ceremonies. >> more people feed to do that. we are all tempted to stand back and just, you know, let whatever happens happen. >> as he walk to the seating area he bumped into the friend who pulled him out and saved him from more serious injury. i asked h him later why he would risk taking on a violent mob. >> you don't want to see anything like this happen in your city. you know, i am the only one that should have a black eye and not the city of san francisco. i'm a product of the city and a native son and so proud of everything that it has given me. i wanted to give something back and nothing like this should happen. >> any regrets? would you do it again? >> absolute
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3